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The Jets beat the Colts today 42-34 at
15-05-2019, 07:42 AM
Post: #1
The Jets beat the Colts today 42-34 at
MetLife Stadium. The win evens out New York’s record at 3-3 on the 2017 season and gives this team its first winning streak in a full calendar year. The Jets honored the Super Bowl III team during the 50th anniversary season of the only championship in franchise history today. The performance on the field was a fitting tribute.Let’s talk about what happened.The Good Sam Darnold: I think Darnold has played quality games up to this point Youth Curtis Martin Jerseys , but today was the first time he was THE driving force in a victory. In the Jets’ other two wins to date Darnold has been effective, but he has been able to lean on a strong run game and a stout defense. He was really in caretaker mode and only asked to make the periodic play.In this game, the burden was on his shoulders. He responded in his big play, playing a nearly flawless game aside from an ugly first half interception. Darnold was 24 for 30 for 280 yards, 2 touchdowns, and that 1 interception. He did this on a day where the Jets were held to 3 yards per rushing attempt. He lead his team to a win on a day where his defense allowed 34 points. He produced without his top receiver for most of the game.Like any rookie, Darnold’s season has had its share of highs and lows. The roller coaster ride will likely continue. We will see more valleys to go with today’s peak. But today’s game shows why Jets fans should be excited about what lies ahead for their young quarterback. In time, performances like this should become more regular occurrences.Jason Myers: Most Jets fans were skeptical of the team signing Myers, but what can you say? He went 7 for 7. You can’t get a much better or more important performance from the kicker.Morris Claiborne: I thought Claiborne held up in coverage well. He scored a touchdown at the start of the game on a bit of a lucky bounce, but he created another turnover with a pass he defensed. Chris Herndon: The rookie tight end had a pair of catches, and both were memorable. He won a jump ball over Malik Hooker for a 24 yard gain and then added an easy 32 yard touchdown on a busted coverage.Jermaine Kearse: Kearse started seeing more targets as a result of Quincy Enunwa’s injury. He isn’t the kind of guy who is going to make a ton of splash plays. What you get is professional route running. He knows how to find the soft spot in zones. He knows the depth to carry his routes. A quarterback like Darnold will find him when his number is up Curtis Martin Jerseys Stitched , and Darnold did to the tune of 9 catches for 94 yards.Terrelle Pryor: Pryor was another guy the Jets needed to step up with Enunwa out. It was past time for him to contribute, and he did with 5 catches for 54 yards and a touchdown.Darron Lee: I thought Lee played a solid game overall as he led the Jets with 8 tackles, but he’d make the good column based on one play anyway. The team needed the defense to make one play in the entire second half. Lee made that one play, a big interception of Andrew Luck to finally stop a Colts offense that had been moving the ball at will.Neal Sterling: He caught the game-clinching onside kick, and that was not an easy catch.Jeremy Bates: While I’m not Bates’ biggest fan in the world, I tip my cap to him for a well-called game. After weeks of setting tendencies with wide receiver screens, he burned the Colts by breaking the tendency with the fake screen and deep shot. While the Jets did not have much success on the ground, I think it still was the right decision to try and continue to run the ball against the light boxes the Colts were giving, especially against a defensive front that lacked a ton of depth. It could have made a difference had the game gone in a different direction, and I’m sure it was tempting to abandon the run based on how Darnold was playing. Sometimes the results aren’t there, but I appreciated the process Bates used. The BadDefensive Front: On some level I can give the coverage unit a pass. The Jets were playing without two of their top three cornerbacks for the entire game and then lost a starting safety to an injury during the second half. What I struggle to understand is how the defensive front was so dominated against what has been a revolving door offensive line for the Colts. Indianapolis gashed the Jets on the ground White C.J. Mosley Jerseys , averaging 5.5 yards per run. For context, Jim Brown is the consensus greatest running back ever. He averaged 5.2 yards per run during his career. The Jets also recorded no sacks of Andrew Luck, and it seldom seemed like they got close.Leonard Williams: Williams I am giving special mention just because he’s supposed to be the best player on the team. With several key pieces on the defense out, he’s the guy you look to step up his game to carry the load. Instead, we have a second game in the first month and a half this year where he did not record a tackle.Offensive Line: The Colts left two safeties deep for most of the game, which meant the Jets had the numbers advantage when they wanted to run the ball. This should have led to a big game on the ground, but the Jets were manhandled up front. Averaging 3 yards per attempt against light boxes is not good enough. And Spencer Long’s shotgun snapping woes continued with more off the mark snaps.Parry Nickerson: I don’t want to pick too much on a rookie who is only in the lineup because of injury, but it looked like he might have been the culprit in coverage on a couple of touchdowns............................This homestand has helped the Jets to straighten the ship. The Minnesota Vikings await. One of my biggest criticisms of former Jets offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates was how many of his plays had a high degree of difficulty for the quarterback to execute.Sam Darnold was left to scan the entire field.Because the Jets didn’t have much talent in the group of receivers they were running out on most Sundays, there was frequently little to no separation, which forced Darnold to make a perfect tight window throw after scanning the entire field.Darnold did flash an ability to execute plays like this and hit some of these throws, especially over the final month of the season.Look C.J. Mosley Jerseys 2019 , a quarterback needs to be able to execute plays like this. In many senses the ability to do so is the thing that separates the guys who can play in the NFL from those who can’t.There has to be a happy medium, though. You want a developing quarterback to show an ability to hit these passes, but it isn’t a very good idea for that to be the entire offense. The playbook needs to contain easier plays to execute as well.Adam Gase will bring what are called packaged plays with him to New York. This is one form of what you will hear members of the media call “college style” plays. These aren’t “pro style” plays where the quarterback has to read the full field. These essentially have multiple plays built into the same call. The quarterback chooses which play to execute based on reading a small portion of the field presnap or postsnap.On this play, Gase’s offense had a wide receiver screen built in to the bottom of the picture. Two receivers were stacked. The guy on the line is the blocker on the screen. The guy behind the line is the receiver.The quarterback has the option to throw the ball if he has a numbers advantage on that side of the field. However, he doesn’t in this case. The defense has three players against only two offensive players. The one blocker can only take out one defender. That leaves two unblocked defenders. That makes the screen the wrong option.The alignment of the defense does, however, make handing the ball off a very attractive option. There is one blocker for every defender in the box so the quarterback can simply give the ball to the back.The blocking isn’t even all that effective, and this is still a successful 5 yard gain.It is worth noting there is a third play as a part of this call. This would have come into play had the defense put one more man in the box than the offense had blockers. The guy at the end of the line would be unblocked. This is where it might get a little confusing because I have added a lifelike illustration to the play. The unblocked guy at the right of the picture isn’t real. Just trust me on this one.What’s to stop him from wrecking this play and attacking the running back since he’s unblocked? If he charges too hard, the quarterback has the option to pull back the handoff and break outside, where nobody will be near him.At this point, the one receiver who started on that side would be into his route.The corner will have to choose between leaving his receiver to tackle the quarterback or staying with his receiver and leaving an open running lane. If the corner stays with the receiver White Le’Veon Bell Jersey , the quarterback can keep it and pick up a nice gain on the ground.If the corner leaves his receiver, the quarterback now has a wide open pass.Let’s move to another play. Again we have a wide receiver screen set up. One receiver and two blockers are on one side of the field.Truth be told, throwing this screen would not have been a bad option. There were two defenders and two blockers in front of the receiver.The linebacker is late to move over, which would have left the screen open. Still the linebacker does flow in the direction of the screen late, which eliminates him as somebody who needs to be blocked on the run portion of this play.Now let’s take a look at that run option. We have the linebacker bailing to help the screen so he doesn’t need to be blocked. The offense again has one blocker for every defender. But since the quarterback again has the option to pull the ball out if the edge guy crashes too hard, it magnifies the advantage. The edge guy doesn’t need to be blocked. This creates a huge advantage since there are now more blockers than defenders who need to be blocked.Sure enough, the edge guy crashes too hard, which allows the quarterback to pull the ball back and run to daylight.Here’s the full play in action. It’s another nice gain.I know you are probably thinking, “I don’t want my quarterback to run the ball and risk taking a big hit.” I understand your point, but you have to remember a few things. He’s only taking the ball if the defense isn’t accounting for him, which means he’s going to have a running lane. You can drill it into him to slide the second he sees a defender within shouting distance.This isn’t a part of the play most teams are going to feature in their offense unless they have a dynamic runner at quarterback. It’s something to make a defense pay for getting too aggressive. It’s also something to show future opponents. Every edge guy with a future game against your team is going to watch this play and say Le’Veon Bell Jersey 2019 , “I’m not going to attack that running back because coach is going to scream at me in the film room if it’s my fault the quarterback breaks a big run.” That means the offense will have to block one less guy on the handoff.Finally let’s look at a play where a call like this creates an easy completion. Again a screen is on with one receiver and one blocker stacked at the top of the picture.Originally the play starts with two offensive players and two defenders on that side of the field, but one of the corners sneaks closer to the line to blitz.Now it’s a numbers advantage for the offense on that side of the field. There are two offensive players and one defender. To be more precise, there is one defender, one blocker to take out that defender, and one receiver to go up the field after the catch.You can see the back move forward to receive the handoff and the line block like it’s a run play, but the presnap read dictates the easy throw.This is a nice way to get a defense to back off and get less aggressive. The blitz totally backfired because it created an opportunity for the offense when none previously existed.It’s also a nice stat padder for the quarterback. That throw goes down in the box score as an 11 yard completion. It didn’t require much work, though. All the quarterback had to do was count players before the snap and throw an easy pass.More than anything, it makes executing on offense easier. And that is the point.
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