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Interview Abhishek Bose
13-04-2011, 07:08 PM
Post: #1
Abhishek Bose
Abhishek Bose is author of Legally Loving Yours, love story of a law student. The synopsis is as follows :

For people in general these may be just words, but for eighteen-year old Abhishek Banerjee these very words turned out to be life-changing experiences over the next five years.
He dreams of studying in a good college, to make new friends there, to have a girl by his side as his girlfriend, and above all, to carve out a niche for himself and leave his mark. He starts realising his dreams when he gets selected in Animus Law School, one of the premier private law schools of the country. But, on the very first day he realises that lady luck is not on his side.
Does he make new friends he yearned for? Does he meet and get the girl he dreamt of? Is he able to make his mark? If no, then why. But if yes, then how.
Full of patience along with an amiable, helpful and jovial nature, and a never-say-die and never-give-in attitude, Abhishek embarks on a five-year long journey called college and on the way experiences life.

avi : How do you feel Abhishek? You are an author now!
Abhishek : I’m feeling awesome. Although I must confess that this feeling has to still sink in. I still don’t believe that I have become an author now, that my book is published. Today, whenever I look at my book, I still think that how the hell did I do it! Smile

Your story revolves around the life of a law student in a law college. Well, that is something different from IIMs and IITs. Tongue What inspired you to write?
There’s a small story behind what inspired me to write. I hope you won’t mind listening to it. And, you can stop me if you find it boring. Smile
It was June, 2008, and I was travelling in a bus with a friend. We started conversing on the growing number of books being written by students and alumni of IIMs, IITs, etc. Till then I had not seen any book written by a law student, and I voiced this to her. She said ‘tum likhna’. These two words stuck with me long after the conversation was over. I started plotting, and the result is in front of you in the form of “Legally, Lovingly Yours”.

Your book is autobiographical in nature. Is it your true story?
Even though my book seems to be autobiographical in nature, it is not my true story. It is a mix of fact and fiction. Overall it’s a work of fiction, with some incidents taken from my own life and from my friends’.

Why protagonist's name same as yours ?
Deciding on a name for the protagonist was one tough job. I wanted something simple and that which could be shortened for a nickname.
Mine was the first that popped up, and so it remained. Smile

What was your publishers response when you came to them with this idea ?
After I finished writing this book, I contacted the publishers and sent them the proposal. They reverted back in a few days saying that they would like to publish it. What more could I have asked for!

Your next project?
I have something in mind that would be quite different from “Legally, Lovingly Yours”. I don’t want to disclose what it is because I want the suspense to remain. Moreover, even I’m in a dilemma whether to write about it or not. So, I guess everybody including me will have to wait. Smile

Nowadays, Young India is into writing big time. What’s your take on that?
It’s a very good thing Young India is indulging into. If one has a story or if one can write, no matter what’s his or her age, that person should write. And, I can say that there are people who want to read. Young India writes stories to which we can relate ourselves, and that is their biggest advantage. What one is seeking these days is to read something light and easy, and that is what Young India is giving to them.

Your favourite authors? Inspirations?
Some of my favorite authors are Sidney Sheldon, Frederick Forsyth, Jeffrey Archer, Mario Puzo, Ravi Subramanian. They inspire me because I find it very difficult to keep down their book until and unless I haven’t finished reading it. That is what a writer should always aim at – keeping his reader’s hooked till the last page.

Your favourite book?
In Indian writing my favourite is “If God Was A Banker” by Ravi Subramanian, and by foreign authors it’s “Godfather” by Mario Puzo, “Rage of Angels” and “If Tomorrow Comes” by Sidney Sheldon, “Paths of Glory” by Jeffrey Archer.
And, yes, “Legally, Lovingly Yours” by yours truly. It is and will always be close to my heart.

Tell me about your personal life.
I am basically from Lucknow and currently a final year law student at the Faculty of Law, ICFAI University, Dehradun. My dad is also a lawyer, and that was the reason I also wanted to be a lawyer. Writing is something that I always wanted to do, but never wrote anything fearing the outcome. But, now my first attempt at writing something substantial has resulted into a book. Still unable to believe. And, lastly, I am single, and still there is no “Lavanya” in my life. I am saying this because many people have asked me about my “Lavanya”. Smile

avi : It was nice chatting with you. RE wishes you all the best for your upcoming book Big Grin

abhishek bose can be found at abhishekbose

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16-07-2011, 08:12 AM (This post was last modified: 16-07-2011 08:17 AM by manisha.)
Post: #2
RE: Abhishek Bose
nowhere i have just to say...........we r lucky that we got this place(RE) where we have proud of nation among us.
thanx.........n good wishes"abhishek".
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