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The Chosen One-Sam Bourne
23-03-2011, 07:26 PM
Post: #1
Thumbs Down The Chosen One-Sam Bourne
The Chosen One is a tightly knit,politically and intellectually adventurous book,which hooks you like a magnet hooks iron nails. The story revolves around Maggie Costello, a woman in her thirties who is lost in a nexus of challenges and disappointments in her career. This book has some smart anecdotes, streaked with dry humor and somehow lets your adrenaline race undeterred. Sam Bourne, pseudonym of Jonathan Freedland, has remarkably woven an exemplary story.
Well, the beginning of the book is sure to turn you onto it!Considering the story begin with a stripper murdering a man in mid forties..that is sure to spark an interest(She seems a natural both at the art of seduction and annihilation)!And there,my friends,the story begins.

Maggie Costello is a diplomat..dedicated and simply,frustrated at her boss.So she gets sacked-for calling her boss an ass.Although Maggie does seem like a very average person,all the characters are very well structured. With this woman's super power and help does Stephen Baker climb the ladder that reaches the esteemed Presidential post of USA. She looks up to him, adore him, works for him (before getting sacked), and is his friend.And so she will stop at nothing to protect his reputation from being tarnished.

She hops from one town to search of a mastermind murderer,and a super smart Vic Forbes who threaten to ruin Baker's career. The story does roller coast up and down..and at one time,you just feel grossed out at the number of murders that keep taking place. Puns and sarcasm will continue to make you smile, at some places, even break into a guffaw. ( maybe it is because I laugh a lot, or holidays drove me crazy)

The story does open into a rather unexpected turn, (very unexpected) and personally, I just felt outraged and confused. Jonathan could've given it a better ending. But the actual one in fact, gives you a pseudo-backstage pass to the American Government. If you want to read how politics can reach high by stooping low, go for this book.Continuous repition of characters breaking off from the plot-tree can outright annoy you at times, and even though Maggie is estimated to a high degree, you may feel she acts overestimated at times. This book has been an amalgamation of both intrigue and disappointment for me...but one thing it surely does is, that it connects it's own story-line to your thinking power. You're somehow forced to get inside it...maybe enjoy it to an extent that you want to end it fast enough to know the climax.

Not as good as other Sam Bournes, but definitely worth a glance!

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23-03-2011, 07:30 PM
Post: #2
RE: The Chosen One-Sam Bourne
Nice review soumya Smile

and welcome to RE !

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26-03-2011, 02:23 PM
Post: #3
RE: The Chosen One-Sam Bourne
One has to type so much for a review ? Tongue
@avi Will it be better/easier if we keep a standard patter for a review ?
BTW nice work soumya

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26-03-2011, 08:53 PM
Post: #4
RE: The Chosen One-Sam Bourne
Yeah, you suggest me some pattern if you have any in your mind, I will make it standard Tongue

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