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Story Punishment
25-03-2011, 04:10 PM (This post was last modified: 02-04-2011 12:12 AM by avi.)
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Nikita, Prishita, Namita, Lalita, Sucheta used to sit on the same bench of their 14ft*12ft classroom. No there was no reason to mention about only this bench because in every bench some students used to sit as well. But this bench was worth mentionable because of their infamous chirpiness and naughty activities. Teachers used to discuss among themselves that these five girls were so different and unusual from the other girls, what only comparable to naughty boys. That is they tried to mean that the level of their naughtiness was only comparable to the boys, it was unusual for a girl to be so much naughty… and their specialty was that no one could catch them with proof and thus it was difficult to even punish them.. They used to prattle within class without moving their lips!!.. yes.. people.. I know its sounding a little crazy, but they were capable of doing that..
Every time they escaped from punishment with ease and that was the reason for which rest of the girls used to get jealous to them. Some times they expressed their irritation and displeasure over them, secretly.
But the carefree five were least scared about that fact and everyday their mischievous brains planned for a new prank which might affect the studies of the class all over..

One day, Nikita didn’t go to school due to light fever. Though she wished to go , but her mother reprimanded her and strictly ordered to remain confined within her room. She went to the kitchen for doing some work while Nikita started feeling bore. She was missing her friends badly, neither she had any wish to study. Getting bored, she came infront of the tiny window, that was only way she could relate with the outer world. Outer world means the opalescent sky, verdant new leaves, so many birds, some dogs among them some were looking bored just like her.. some beautiful sweet cats and kittens. Nikita began musing that so lucky those dogs and cats were.. They didn’t have to study, they didn’t have any fright from giving exams, they were carefree, no one could confine them for having light fever.. She vacantly stared at the road with dolorous eyes.. Alas God why didn’t you make me a cat?.. Her mind started getting concentration as she began watching the activities of some cats and kittens minutely. There was.. one two three four and.. five cats there.. of which one cat was lying at the cozy damp corner of the road, being quite indifferent and apathetic for the world and the rest were planning cunningly to enter into a house, probably to steal some fish and have a great meal. Nikita got interest and was watching their every steps carefully and minutely. At the same time she kept her eyes over that lonely cat too.. The lonely one was some times raising its head, trying to watch the activities of his fellow members and the very next moment he further lied down stretching legs lazily..
Five to ten minutes passed, cats were still trying to slink into the kitchen of that house while the lonely was resting with contend.. Very suddenly some uncle came outside clenching a thick rod with his palm and was furiously moving the rod to beat those cats.. Everyone managed to escape from there except that lonely one.. Uncle didn’t let that lonely one to leave, but started beating the cat mercilessly..
Oh God.. what the hell has happened so that uncle has to become almost a dragon in fury? Oh lonely cat, go away.. just go away from here.. Nikita’s heart was racing rapidly.. Lonely cat got injured , though at last he managed to run away from there..
Nikita was pondering over the incident.. she was feeling sad for that lonely cat.. what has he done? Nothing.. That lonely wasn’t interested to slink into their house.. he didn’t desire for lavish meal by stealing their fishes? He didn’t commit a sin.. Then why he got punished? And it was so mercilessly.. Nikita sighed in sorrow and once more peep out through the window, to see that lonely one once more.
Her eyes moistened a little.. but.. very suddenly she started feeling a sharp pang for her classmates too.. They were too got punished sometimes, for the gang of five, even without any fault of theirs.
Last Friday, their gang drew caricatures of their teacher on the board for which the whole class got punishment. Math teacher was furious to see those caricatures on the board which they didn’t even erase , and made all of them kneeled down on the corridor.. Just for them, everyone had to bear the pain of getting kneeled down, without having tiffin.. Someone even started crying unable to bear the hunger..
Nikita felt ashamed and guilty, how could I do with my fellow friends?.. Clenching her weeny palms together she prayed—Oh God .. give me the punishment for the sin I have done.. If You punish that lonely innocent cat without even committing any sin.. then why don’t You give me punishment?..
Mother came into the room and astonished to see her little daughter praying. She smiled, thinking that her little child was wanting to go to school very soon to meet her friends.

Two days later, Nikita went to school. Sucheta Lalita Prishita Namita all were happy to get back their counterpart and informed her—you know Niki, today we have a total different plan.. They showed her plastic glass wreathed with dust and dirt. Sucheta’s eyes were glinting with mischief.. Nikita didn’t ask them anything more and sailed past them.
Everyone astonished but didn’t talk much..

First class started off, GK teacher was planning to conduct a quiz session with a contended smile, but her smile started fading away and within a minute she started screaming like mad—oh gooooooooodddddddddd… what the hell is that… ohhhh these ants.. ants are biting me like hell….
Some other teachers rushed there in haste.. and after giving GK miss initial healing.. they found a dirty plastic glass.. Math teacher concluded—There it is, ants has been preserved in this glass and then very cleverly somebody planted it here..
Science teacher yelled—who else?.. that infamous five.. who else?
They kept reprimanding to grind some information but everyone was calm and devoid of any scare.
Nikita stood up and confessed calmly---I have done it Miss..
Everyone stunned.., silence reigned for some moment before math teacher bawled at her---why? Why did you do that? My God.. do we teach you this kind of nasty things? What will you become in future?
Nikita kept bearing the harsh chide cringing her head down while the four turned crimson in a mixture of confusion, shame and guilt.
English teacher scoffed—see the amount of courage they had, admitting without any fear that she has done it..
Nikita muttered –yes miss.. because if I don’t admit, my friends will get punishment once again for not doing any fault.. better it is that I get the punishment for doing this.. I won’t repeat it again Miss.. I am the sole responsible for this.. my friends are innocent miss..
Teachers were bemused to listen to Nikita.. and kept glancing at one another.. while the gang started standing up one by one, admitting their fault.. Prishita, Namita, Lalita, Sucheta, everyone wanted to bear the punishment by alone..
GK teacher smiled at them, applying the medicine upon the scars and said—sit down all of you.. If all of you are ashamed of your work, then it is the biggest punishment ever in the world.. The pain of being guilty, the burn of getting ashamed is the punishment that has given to you none other than Almighty. Sit down every one.. lets play the quiz, wouldn’t you enjoy it?
Laughter of relief and boisterous roar of the children echoed through the room—yesssssssssssss misssssssssssssssss…
[The End]
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26-03-2011, 08:59 PM
Post: #2
RE: Short Story---PUNISHMENT
nice !!

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16-07-2011, 11:02 PM (This post was last modified: 16-07-2011 11:03 PM by manisha.)
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RE: Short Story---PUNISHMENT
(26-03-2011 08:59 PM)avi Wrote:  nice !!

will get some free time to read it........... very soon.
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