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Youth Trey Burton Jersey
08-01-2019, 08:28 AM
Post: #1
Youth Trey Burton Jersey
Chicago Bears at Arizona Cardinals Preview: What to Watch For The Chicago Bears are .500 for the first time in Youth Trey Burton Jersey , well, a long time. After defeating the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night, the Bears will once again hit the road. In what is basically a 9th home game for the Bears, due to the massive contingent of Chicagoans in the Phoenix area, the Bears will invade University of Phoenix Stadium...err State Farm Stadium to take on the Cardinals on Sunday afternoon. Who are the Cardinals? Well, they are bad. Just how bad? They have been outscored 58-6 in their two games so far in the 2018 season. Yikes, that’s next level bad. It isn’t often that the Bears are favored in a game, much less one on the road, and even less probable when you consider they are favored by 6.5 points! Needless to say, the Bears have an advantage at virtually ever position on the field come Sunday, but they shouldn’t overlook this team. What to Watch ForOn offense, it will be all about Mitch...Trubisky that is. There were some poor throws and decisions last week, but overall, I thought that he had much more command of the offense. It will be up to Matt Nagy to get Trubisky in a rhythm early and then push the envelope. This is the perfect game to try building Trubisky’s confidence on throws downfield. The poise was improved and there needs to be another step taken on Sunday. While the running game is crucial, I don’t think that the Bears should sit on a lead and try and run out the clock. This is a team that you can score on. The running game will be there, but the Bears offense needs to start attacking vertically as well as horizontally. They need to get tape of it being successful out there or opposing teams are simply going to sell out against the run and take away the short passing game. If the Bears are going to chuck the ball around, then Trubisky will need time. The pass protection has been excellent through 2 games, despite “giving up” 6 sacks. 2 were scrambles to the line-of-scrimmage, 1 was a butt fumble, 1 was the last play of the game , and another featured a player (at least) 1 yard off-sides at the snap. I am not worried about the protection, it’s been excellent. Now is the time to take advantage of that great protection and take some shots!Defensively, this has all the makings of a bloodbath. Whether Sam Bradford remains the starter, Mike Glennon makes and appearance, or rookie Josh Rosen gets his first start, this isn’t likely to be pretty. The Cardinals offense has mustered just 350 total yards in 2 games. For comparison, their defense has allowed 429 and 432 yards respectively. Neither Bradford nor Glennon can move, each with the same foot speed as the Statue of Liberty. Would the Cardinals dare make Rosen’s first start against this defense? I should hope not. All of this looks bad, very, very bad, but this is still an NFL team. The last thing that the Bears can do is get complacent. After a last second loss to the Packers and a too-close-for-comfort win over the Seahawks, the Bears front-7 is going to have to push and keep pushing all game. It should be embarrassing for a defense that features Khalil Mack, Akiem Hicks, Danny Trevathan, et al, to allow the Cardinals to even make this game relatively close. There is virtually no running game to speak of, so watch for another all-out sack barrage from the Bears front. If they can get to the fleet-footed Russell Wilson 6 times, they should be able to replicate that against a statue, a taller statue, or a guys who is likely to crap himself facing the Bears defense for his first taste of NFL action. Either way Youth Aaron Lynch Jersey , I expect to see a lot destruction and red jerseys lying on the ground in this game. That’s what I will be watching for on Sunday afternoon, what about you? The Bears played a much more complete game against the Seahawks last week. This should be an easy win—if such things exist in the NFL—but they cannot get complacent if they want to take another step. Check out my ‘which players to watch for’ right here.How Bears fans and writers got Olin Kreutz nominated for the Pro Football Hall of Fame EDITOR: With today’s news that Olin Kreutz is officially back on the nominees list for the 2019 Pro Football Hall of Fame class, we wanted to remind you guys about the role that Windy City Gridiron’s resident Bears’ historian, Jack M Silverstein, played a little over a year ago in helping get Kreutz back on the list. You can check out the story and how it all played out below as told by the Superfans...CHICAGO, IL September 15, 2017 — Olin Kreutz was a man’s man. He was an old school throwback that would have fit right in with the Hamptons, and the Buffones, and the Ditkas. Could he be a jerk at times? Sure, that’s fair, but he was our jerk. Kruetz played with the Chicago Bears from 1998 to 2010, then he moved on for four more games with the New Orleans Saints before realizing he was done with pro football. He was elected to six straight Pro Bowls from 2001-2006. He was 1st team All Pro in 2006, and 2nd team All Pro in ‘05. His 191 games played in Chicago is tied for 2nd best in the history of the franchise behind a certain mulletted long snapping great. He was the leader of his locker room for the majority of his career, he played the game with an edge, and he was one of the best centers in the game for much of his time in the league. Olin Kreutz epitomized the Bears. So imagine our disappointment when reading that he wasn’t one of the Bears nominated for the Pro Football Hall Of Fame’s class of 2018. We remembered he was on there last year, so what gives?Quite frankly, it pissed us off even more than that whole hashtag fiasco. But then a miracle happened. Well, maybe not a miracle, but we were alerted to that Hall Of Fame article being updated. So naturally, we clicked it Youth Prince Amukamara Jersey , and we discovered this.From our fellow WCG writer and fellow Chicago guy, Jack M Silverstein;Jack received permission to share the email that he received from the Hall of Fame.You’ve got to be kidding me.He did it.Jack, along with Biggsy, got Kruetz back on the nominees list for the 2019 Hall Of Fame class. We caught up with our guy Jack to get his take on his legendary move and he took the humble road. “Now, to be fair, it's totally possible that people other than me and Biggs nominated Kreutz. Also to be fair, Kreutz shouldn't need fan/writer nominations.” Jack speaks the truth.“He should have been a semifinalist last year.”Yep, more truth.But the story gets even cooler, thanks to the man himself.Jack got retweeted by a legend.But wait, there’s more!Thomas Jones also retweeting Jack while offering up his congratulations to Olin! But then Kreutz replied to TJ and the thread takes on a life of it’s own!For those not hip to the Twitter thing, @Jmack37 is former Bears fullback Jason McKie.With three Bears now tagged in the thread, Dave (aka @Dpecilunas8) asked the fellas who their favorite quarterback to play with was. And the fun was on!Jonathan Quinn!Fred Flintstone!Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty ImagesQuinn was benched in that Tampa Bay game in favor of Craig Krenzel after going 5 for 9 with 2 sacks.The thread goes on a bit longer, with them going on a few tangents, but it was fun seeing three teammates having a little fun. It was at the expense of another teammate, but I’m sure he could take the good-natured ribbing. Quinn played five games for the Bears in 2004, and he actually made three starts. He was a 52% passer, and he racked up 413 yards while chucking one lonely touchdown pass with three interceptions. He was sacked 15 times and he has a passer rating of 53.7!But he was a Bear and we love him!#DaBears
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