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10-05-2012, 02:28 PM
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Kumar wanted it so badly
He was lying in the bed waiting for her to come.
He did not mind even if she felt bad.
Padma closed the door and entered. She flashed a quick smile at Kumar and checked the bottles.
Kumar held her hand.
Padma “Are you fine”
Kumar, “I am fine” and kissed her palms.
Padma laughed and said, “You are so adamant.”
Kumar’s wife Rita was shouting in the hall and was hurling abuses at him.
Rita’s parents and sister Leela kept away from Kumar as they felt that Kumar would be a bad influence on Leela’s son Karthik, who he loved so much.
Kumar’s brother-in-law Prasad had told Rita not to keep in hospital and manage him at house itself as it is getting expensive.
Kumar’s thoughts lay with Padma and wondered why his wife did not love him like Padma.
Kumar has always been a shy but intense person
He never indulged himself in anything but once he got hooked up to something, he won’t leave it.
He played cricket a lot but switched to an indoor game like carom when he was introduced to it.
He was scared of riding bikes, but became obsessed with it once he learnt how to. He could be seen always in his bike.
That’s when he met the eye of Rita which turned into deep love.
Kumar never thought of girls till then, his obsession for love towards Rita became so intense.
He kissed Rita passionately in her own house.
Rita “Do not be so desperate Kumar, we are not married yet.”
Kumar, “Ok, lets marry.”
He never thought of his parents and sisters and married Rita abruptly against their wishes.
He had two younger sisters to look after. His parents were so upset by his decision to marry Rita suddenly that they vowed not to keep any relation with him.
Kumar did not have any vices; he never smoked nor touched any alcohol.
He did not mind his parents as he was full of love for Rita.
He just returned from honeymoon with his lovely wife.
They were invited to a party by Rita’s brother Prasad, her sister Leela and other relatives.
It was a grand party hosted for Rita and Kumar.
Prasad took a bottle of scotch and poured it for Kumar
Kumar refused.
Rita felt offended by Kumar’s gesture and told him to drink for her brother’s sake.
Kumar was not willing; he had just come out of the honeymoon blues and was thinking of his parents and sisters who deserted him.
He however could not say ‘No’ to Prasad as Rita would feel offended.
He took it sip by sip.
Everyone was mighty pleased by Kumar’s composure as he took more than two pegs.
Now Kumar became more a part of a social circle.
Rita felt more proud of him and told him to quit his job as she wanted him to become a partner in Prasad’s business.
Kumar had no clue of doing any business till then as he was content in doing service in a private firm.
He took over as a partner in Prasad’s business and picked up the nuances of business pretty quickly.
In no time, he became the talk of the business world. He felt no longer to be a mere partner to Prasad and opened his own firm.
Prasad got irked by Kumar’s ambitions and started spreading malicious rumors about Kumar.
Kumar’s relation with Rita soured as a result. It had been three years since their love marriage and they were not yet blessed with a child.
Kumar was very angry with Prasad but Rita did not trust him.
He found Prasad speaking about Kumar during one of the parties.
“Do you know friends, this young chap Kumar was taught to drink by me. He was just a clerk, he was taught business by me. Now you know he does not have children. What should I do guys?”
Everyone laughed.
Kumar was so enraged that he threw the glass in his hand at Prasad. Both exchanged blows.
Kumar’s rising business went downhill after this unseemly episode.
He took to drinking with a vengeance.
His health began to deteriorate fast.
He felt a loner and loser.
He got admitted to the ICU where the doctors declared that his liver had damaged very badly.
He was left to the services of the nurse Padma who was hired to look after him at the house.
Kumar felt touched by Padma’s care for him and he fell in love with her.
He said to Padma, ‘Will you marry me”
Padma felt touched by Kumar’s condition.
She explained to him that she was just a nurse and had her own family.
Kumar, “Will you do me one last favor then.”
Padma “Yes dear.”
Kumar, “Please let me have one sip of scotch for the last time.”
Padma, “I will arrange it for you.”
It was next day morning
Kumar wanted it so badly
He was lying in the bed waiting for her to come.
He did not mind even if she felt bad.
Padma closed the door and entered. She flashed a quick smile at Kumar and checked the bottles.
Kumar held her hand.
Padma “Are you fine”
Kumar, “I am fine” and kissed her palms.
Padma laughed and said, “You are so adamant.”
She took a small bottle that she carefully had brought for Kumar
She poured the scotch in the glass and gave him.
“Do you know one thing Padma, I have seen much. I want to see death.”
Kumar gulped the scotch down in one go and closed his eyes in satisfaction.
As a nurse, Padma knew that she was not right in doing so.
But then there were not much days left for Kumar who was bed ridden.
He never opened his eyes again.
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